WhyYet interviews Victoria Catherine


One of the most nerve wracking and scariest moments of my life was doing my very first live radio interview. My girl and fellow author, Eliza David, did an interview with Why Yet for Blaq Radio and suggested (Read: told me to shake off my punk ass nerves and promote my shit) I do this interview. I was shaking in my boots for 2 months and the day of the interview I got a level of cotton mouth only reserved for true weedheads.

We had some technical difficulties and my stomach began to churn, being 4 months pregnant at the time didn’t help either. Finally, the Erotica gods pushed through and off we went. WhyYet made me feel so comfortable and at ease, I had the best time. When Two arrives I may just do another.

Click the link below to hear it & check out the other authors she interviews too!

Victoria Catherine’s Interview

Due to technical difficulties the interview starts at 4:49

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