The Dream


There I was, my back pressed against the brick wall, the ivy entangling in my hair, my eyes fixed on yours. Your hands quickly grab my wrists and force them above my head, you hold them there firmly with one hand as the other roughly moves up my thigh. I stare at you with a lust and wanting knowing all too well this is forbidden. What will people think? What will our partners say? How could we give in to such carnal desires?

It was like you read my mind, you kissed me, deeply, as though to say at this moment all that matters is right now. I tried to move my arms and you pinned them harder. You knew I wanted this, we both needed this and we were going to give in.

Right then is when you ripped my blouse open with one hand and hungrily cupped my breast, sucking them, kissing them as though death would come if you stopped. I felt my panties become hot on my skin and my body tremble at the thought of what was to come. You lowered yourself to your knees and passionately pulled down my skirt. You licked my already wet pussy through my panties and without pause I ran my fingers through your hair.  I spread my legs wider and you slid the satin barrier to the side. You were not gentle…and  loved it. You took what you wanted, what you needed, and licked me until I could no longer stand. I tried to reach and grip anything for leverage but to no avail I simply collapsed onto your tongue and you pulled away so I could fall deeper into the floor.

I tried catching my breath but the opportunity was too much to give up. I grabbed your waist band, looking up at you as you stood to walk away. I looked at you with eyes saying this isn’t over. I looped my fingers into your belt buckle and slipped it open. I grabbed your hips and brought you closer to me and I placed my teeth on your zipper and lowered it while unbuttoning your pants. Without warning or care I took you into my mouth, opening my mouth wider so your cock could tangle with the back of my throat. I felt you hands in my hair and I guided them to push my head further. Slowly we did this dance, your hips flowing towards my face and I sucking your cock with such wanton need. My mind wandered off and the thought of what was happening, you fucking my face and I treating your cock like the king it is became exhilarating.

I continued sucking harder, letting my tongue wander in new places as I felt you grow larger in my mouth. I knew you wanted to come but not there, not right then, I knew what I wanted, what I wanted for you and I was going to have it.

I stopped and your mouth had words that would not escape. I stood up and turned around. I slowly bent over grabbing my ankles and waited. But wait long I did not, you immediately slid your aching hard cock into me and fucked me hard. Your one hand grabbing my shoulder pulling me further back. I moaned, I screamed, I came over and over. Your thrusts became wild as though something else had taken over your body. You fucked me like you couldn’t breath without my pussy firmly wrapped around your cock.
You let out a vicious moan and your body shuttered. I felt you come deep inside of me and I couldn’t help but to smile. Once we came, reality hit of what had just transpired. Yet, there was no shame nor guilt, we needed it and we took it. You waited for me to get dressed and then you kissed me. A kiss that was hello and goodbye at the same time.

We parted ways that night and went back to our stressful if not mundane lives. I think of that moment fondly and I only hope one day we can have it again.