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Dear White People: Enlightening, Yet Sour in the End

P.S. This entry is FILLED with spoilers. DO NOT COME FOR ME. Watch first, then read.

Let’s Go


Dear White People: You’ve Been Right All Along

Let’s start at the end, the sour. I had issues with DWP. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the nuances and depth of the characters and it gave me a lot more insight from the movie. My biggest and sourest issue came with the end of Chapter X.

Kurt asks Sam, “Just ask yourself, has anything that you’ve done actually made things better?”

I was waiting for it but Sam has no answer, and the non-answer is the loudest quote in the series. It’s as though I watched this entire series and it all boiled down to nothing. In the end, none of it, not the protests, the shut down of the Black Face Party, the outrage over Reggie getting a gun drawn on him by campus security, not even the protest where said question is being asked mattered. In the end, in the words of the Dean, they are simply screaming into the night. I do understand they are “just” college students, but when I stepped back and looked at it as a whole, they felt like social media warriors come to life.

I’m sure a few microagressive white people, who actually watched the entire series felt vindicated by that line.
I can hear them now, “See! Protests don’t matter. It’s just Black people wanting to be loud and destructive, what does it help?”
There wasn’t anything Sam could have said in that moment because in truth, nothing they did or tried to do actually changed anything. Be it by their own disorganization and constant focus on smaller personal issues or having deaf ears as an audience. It bothered me in a deep place.

Breaking down the rest of the show and what I did love and what also bothered me is as follows:

Sam and Gabe:

I felt Sam so hard on her feeling of contradiction. I personally love Black love. I get giddy when I see it, I champion for it and yet, I am married to a White man. He happened to be the man I fell in love with but for many it’s hyper hypocritical of me to be outraged over #SandraBland or #TrayvonMartin and married to a White guy. I’m reduced to a bed wench with no voice.
I do side eye Sam though because dammit girl…own your shit! She hid him and it wasn’t because the relationship was brand new, she knew she had shame and for a person so quick to stand up to “The Man” she sat silent to her own. I truly felt bad for Gabe particularly because…

Reggie is a Brokenhearted, Emotionally Stunted Petty Man:

Let me start by saying I felt Reggie’s pain deep down in my soul when the gun was drawn on him. My eyes formed wetness as he cried leaning against the door. All of those emotions and I was still pissed at him for bedding Sam.
Sam knows she was in the wrong but Reg, my dude, he poked at her open wound of confusion and guilted her into his sheets. Then, to make it worse, he dips his peen into another well, the Petty Well, and slightly rubs it into Gabe’s face, ”I’m good, I got just want I needed.”
Reggie used her, in the worst way, and my respect for him slithered off into the bushes of their campus.

Coco…Boo….I Get You

Coco is what we call the bougie Black girl and the darker the bougie Black girl the more many in our culture gives her shit because how dare a dark skin girl think she is beautiful and how dare she not be covered in a dashiki 24/7. See, she’s been spat on by her own and by white people and in the end, what she really wants is power. She has to tell the loudest around her to check their light skinned privilege


and learn how to marathon and not sprint (tho, homegirl needs to learn there are times to sprint). She wants to rule the world and show them she is not the Black stereotype but a highly wanted and sought after woman with dark skin. Sure, she had moments I wanted to smack the dog shit out of her but I got her. I hope she does become the 2nd Black female president one day. I truly feel she would be the one to fight in cunning and sly ways. Plus, her speech about being from the south side of Chicago and seeing death; it made me wonder how many of the woke folks in the room judging her had ever seen what she has seen.

The Members of the AP dorm are Flawed and Human:

The Black characters are not painted as angels who are completely innocent in everything they do. The characters are walking contradictions and it made the series more palatable, no, not because flawed Blacks are better but because it shows truth. I dug the show and all of its chaos and strength the entire time and cringed when it unmasked the messy which can happen behind the scenes of a revolution. I just wish the ending had been better, I wish it didn’t paint protesters as pests who are, in the end, voiceless and unorganized. It left me feeling raw and wanting to defend the actions of our ancestors. As for a review, I didn’t want to focus on the funny jokes and DWP phrases everyone will chuckle at, I want this series to be more than soundbites and a title grabber.

Hopefully we will get a 2nd season and more questions will be answered and maybe, just maybe, Sam will have a clapback to the ultimate question and not stunted silence.

SN: Why the fuck on earth do people not get this…


Blackness isn’t a costume!

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