She Had Me

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Her fingers on my skinFeeling peaks rise on my valleysShe touches me relentlesslyMy body falls submissivelyI grab her hair forcefullyKissing her lips hungrilyShe wrapped my arms around her tightly I spread my legsReaching each hemisphereMy lips, my thighs..wanted her hereI let her go below me without any fearAnd I screamed her name to every constellation […]

Anna Part 1 & 2

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Anna fumbled with her keys at the door, her heart racing at the thought of getting into her apartment. Finally, she maneuvered the task of unlocking her door and immediately she pressed the button to her computer. The humming tone emitting from the screen felt like foreplay to her. As her computer warmed itself, she left a trail of clothes behind and slipped into her robe. She loved the satin on her skin. It made her feel adventurous, sexy, uninhibited. Anna glided to her kitchen and poured herself a glass of Merlot, and unplugged her phone; she did not want to be disturbed tonight. Tonight she had the house all to herself. No husband, no children, just her and her computer with a thin layer of satin between them.

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A Second First Kiss Victoria Catherine I remember his kiss being greasy from the Harold’s chicken he grabbed from upstairs. His tongue was flat and wide and he kept trying to waddle it into my mouth. I kept my lips tightly shut like the kids on television. He was fifteen at the time and had […]