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You lie splayed on the bed as I get dressed. My ego stroked, pumped and fluffed from our session last night. I fucked you in every way possible and if I didn’t have this meeting today I’d be buried in you still.

But my time is cut short…

I grin watching you sleep, curled up and twisted in sheets. Your breasts and my chest with matching nibble tattoos, bruises on our arms and our skin flushed.
You moan in your dreams and lick your lips. The same lips I parted with my dick.
I want to wake you and lazily, sleepily ride our still humming orgasms.

But my time…

Even after my shower, I taste you on my chin. I still feel the weight of your thighs on my face, my fingers tingle from the phantom squeezes of your cunt.

But my time…

I pace the room, stalking your slumbering body, knowing one kiss would rouse you enough for consent. I just want one more taste, one more slide into your oasis. I want to feel your warmth wrap around my life and soul for a few minutes more.

But my time…

I fix my collar and realize I can no longer smell you on my fingers. The same fingers which were coated last night. Which curled inside of you and tortured your G. The very same fingers which dipped into your mouth for you to taste just how magnificent you are. The scent is gone.

Fuck my time…

I step to your bedside, “Stella, wake up my love.”
You stir and your eyes flutter open. “Mmm, yeah baby?”
“Look at me Stella, look right at me.” I implore to her mostly somnolent self.
She looks up and writhes as my hand travels down her thigh. “May I?”
Her breath catches and she nods, which is all I need.
I slip even further down.
Until I reach her mound.
I flick her clit just for good measure.
I tickle a little longer to bring her pleasure.

I dive my fingers in.
Plunging into the depth of her womanhood.
Frantic for her wetness.
Distraught for her scent.
Her hips rise higher.
Her voice a hoarse chorus of pleas.

And then I feel it.

She flows in my hand and her scent coats my fingers.
I let her drift back as I slip out of her.
Kissing her cheek, I hear her moan in her slumber once again.
I drag my fragrant fingers across my skin.
The cologne of the gods.

I finish dressing and head to my meeting. I am late. And I Do. Not.Care.
Because my time is best spent searching for her scent.

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