Birthday Boy

John sweltered from the heat of the summer. The train car, while speeding down the track, was going much to slow to endure the heat. His clothes clung to him and he sat with his legs widen at a failed attempt to get more air. He looked down at his black dress pants and noticed the bright red confetti. He was quite embarrassed that his co-workers threw him an office party. He wanted to turn 30 in complete seclusion but to his dismay he saw balloons and streamers decorating is cubicle. He lowered his head but did make sure to perk up when his co-worker arrived. His best mate and co-worker ribbed him good about turning the dirty thirty and promised him there would be a surprise for him at home.
He peeled himself from the now sticky train seat and headed for his apartment. As he went to insert his key the door slowly crept open. He stood there frozen a moment and soon began to chuckle. He yelled for his friend, thinking this was a funny joke and part of his surprise. Before he could finish yelling a fully nude woman appeared. She was the epitome of beautiful. Her hair was a thick; deep black that cascaded well past her shoulder and down her back. Her eyes were a mesmerizing hazel green, and the paint on her full lips were a deep Brandywine color that just made her face explode with sensuality. His eyes gazed over her deep golden skin and landed onto her perfect bosom. Her nipples became instantly erect from his gaze and it was then that he noticed the sign around her neck. “Alana” it read and as he looked up it was then he nearly fainted.
Two more Alana’s appeared and swayed their hips in unison as they sashayed up to the door. Each looked the same as the other and they seemed to work in sync…licking their lips and tossing their hair at the same time. Yet, he saw the one difference…their name tags. “Jasmine” and “Sasha” were written in childish crayon on a piece of construction paper, hooked around their neck with yarn. He laughed to himself as he thought of his friend writing these sign. Alana took his hand and guided him to the couch. None of the women would say a word and the silence itself was turning him on. Alana positioned him to stand in front of the couch and she looked him in the eyes. John was lost in her eyes as she loosened his tie and threw it to the ground. Jasmine following suit unbuttoned his shirt, kissing his exposed skin with each opened button. After sliding his shirt past his arms she too threw it on the floor and walked over to meet Alana. Sasha walked over to him with an alluring confidence and stared him in the eyes for what seemed like hours. John was nervous but could not look away. He examined her eyes and those full pouty lips. Just as he was about to taste the sweetness of her lips she began to lower herself. Slowly he watched her fall to her knees and kiss his thighs through the fabric. His knees buckled a bit and he felt the bulge in his pants grow. Sasha ran her fingers over his bulge and slid her fingers to the zipper. There she unzipped him and motioned for Jasmine to come over and undo his belt, Jasmine in turn motioned to Alana to come and slide his pants off. John stood there, quivering and in awe as six hands ran across his skin, and 30 fingers tickle every muscle. He let a small laugh escape his lips as he thought about the irony of his 30th birthday and 30 fingers.

The laughter soon turned to moans as a pair of lips glided over his cock. It took him by surprised and he fell back onto the couch. Sasha continued to suck his cock, running her tongue along his shaft, bobbing her head faster, swallowing his cock and forcing her head down deeper. John was in pure ecstasy as Alana walked behind him and leaned his head back, kissing him…swallowing his moans. He felt his cock twitch in Sasha’s warm mouth, he lifted his hip and began to roughly fuck her face, and he took her head and forced her face deeper. He didn’t know he could get this rough but here in this moment he felt like a king and these “triplets” were his faithful concubines. Alana released his mouth and he heard a growl flow from his lips…he was close.

No woman had ever made him cum just by blowjob, he tried to concentrate on something different and what he focused on did not help matters. As he lifted his head he saw Jasmine knelt behind Sasha and she was ferociously licking and tonguing Sasha’s ass. Which in turn made Sasha moan on his cock. He felt the vibration and growled deeper. Alana walked to the front of the couch and grabbed Sasha by the hair pulling her off his cock. Without waiting Alana slide down on his cock, her pussy dripping wet. John’s cock pushed into the warm crevice with no struggle. Alana tightened her pussy and rode his hard cock. Jasmine crawled closer to begin licking John’s balls with intensity; she glided her tongue from top of Alana’s ass down to John balls, flicking her tongue faster when she reached them. Sasha, with no instruction but with precision, climbed on to the couch and stood over John. She placed a leg on either side of him and lowered her pussy onto his lips. John immediately began to lick her wanton pussy and grabbed her thighs holding it there. He noticed her moans become louder and realized that Alana while riding him had begun to lick Sasha’s ass. John could not believe it…he was licking sweet pussy, getting ridden to heaven, and getting his balls lovingly licked…at the same time.

He could no longer switch his focus and felt his animal instinct kick in. He let out a deep moan and began to lift his hips fucking Alana harder…she moaned as he thrust deep into her. She used his legs to pull Jasmine closer making her slide her tongue deep in his ass. Finally he grabbed Sasha and pulled her pussy down hard on his face. The only noise in the house was the sweet sounds of pleasurable moans and that did it. He grabbed Sasha harder and let out a lions roar. John’s cock became engorged and he came hard and deep in Alana pussy….she let him cum for just a second more and soon jumped off. All three women dropped to the floor in front of him and opened their mouths. He immediately stood up and jacked off right there on there faces; sliding his cock into each of there mouths as they each milked every bit of cum out of his cock. John fell back onto the couch and let out a laughing moan and he watched the girls kiss cum from each others lips.

The girls rose and began to walk upstairs…the whole entire session they had never said a word. He immediately called his friend and his friend exploded in laughter. He told him he figured he should have a girl for each decade of his life…and they would be there for three days at his pleasure. That is when he heard the shower and the beautiful sound of three voices call for him “Oh, Jooooohn”. He laughed and told his friend he had to go. John got up from the couch…spent…and began to climb the stairs, the sweet sounds of giggling guiding him. He knew in that moment he was going to have the BEST 30th birthday ever!