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Anna Part 1 & 2

Anna fumbled with her keys at the door, her heart racing at the thought of getting into her apartment. Finally, she maneuvered the task of unlocking her door and immediately she pressed the button to her computer. The humming tone emitting from the screen felt like foreplay to her. As her computer warmed itself, she left a trail of clothes behind and slipped into her robe. She loved the satin on her skin. It made her feel adventurous, sexy, uninhibited. Anna glided to her kitchen and poured herself a glass of Merlot, and unplugged her phone; she did not want to be disturbed tonight. Tonight she had the house all to herself. No husband, no children, just her and her computer with a thin layer of satin between them.

Anna clicked onto her chat site and there he was, this man she had never seen but whose words had made her question everything she ever believed in. For the brief moments they spoke she was his concubine, naughty maid, innocent schoolgirl, whatever he wanted her to be. Always the pragmatist, Anna knew consciously nothing could ever happen beyond this virtual world. When her mind wandered, though, she thought of this faceless man taking complete control of her, leaving nothing but shards of her clothes behind, kissing her all over and finding sweet spots she never knew she owned. Anna knew she had never screamed a man’s name before, not even her husband’s, but this man brought something out of her that she could not control.

The computer made a familiar sound and she clicked her mouse. There were the words telling her what to do. As instructed she let down her auburn hair and let it cascade to her shoulders. It tickled her neck as strands began to stick to the sweat beads forming. Anna began twirling her satin belt and letting it fall to her sides. The words instructed her to remove her garter and stockings and she complied. Her thighs trembled as she twisted each snap, bending over to slide her stockings to her toes.


David settled into his chair and nervously bit his lip. He wondered if this mystery woman was really doing everything he said. He let the thought escape his mind and focused and his next task for her. He pictured her fingers sliding down her smooth legs to remove her stockings. He always had a fantasy of just sitting back and telling a woman how and when to please herself. This woman on the screen seemed eager and David was intrigued, if not excited, by all of it.

David cracked his knuckles and put fingers to keys and instructed her to unclasp her bra. He closed his eyes for a moment and pictured her nipples erect and her tits swelling with desire. He told her to remove the bra and touch her breast. He wanted her fingers to glide across them softly, trailing the sweat between them. Somewhere in his mind he pictured her trembling as she touched them, pinching them and grabbing them between her hands.

David knew he was enjoying this by the swelling in his pants. Sure, he had masturbated before, but this seemed like more. He didn’t want to pleasure himself too soon, so he contained himself and concentrated on his words. He thought of her sitting at her computer with only a disheveled robe and panties. At this point he instructed her to slide her hand down to her lacy panties. The very thought got David increasingly more excited, it became almost painful. He unzipped his pants and realized that one hand on the keys was going to have to suffice.
There she was, fondling her breast, rubbing her clit and losing her mind. Anna became very aware of her surroundings with the eerie quite of the room. The only noise that floated through the place were the soft sounds of rain drops on her window, the hum of her computer and her own moans escaping her lips.

Anna began to feel that all too familiar heat that began in her toes. Her body began to shake as she felt her body giving away to climax. Her fingers felt detached from her mind as they began to rub faster, entering inside her, making her body spasm. She had done this many time before. Stolen moments in the shower, even on the subway discreetly but this was different, this felt real. Just as she was about to let her body succumb she heard the ding. It broke her haze and she sprang up almost angrily. She read the one word and couldn’t believe it….Stop.

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