About the Author

Who Doesn’t Enjoy Sex, Love, Whiskey & Imagination?

Born and raised in Chicago, Victoria Catherine has been writing since she was a pre-teen. Most of her earlier stories were inspired by steamy books she lifted from under her grandmother’s bed. Fascinated by anatomy, sexuality and the psychology of what makes people lust, she began writing erotica which she calls “Bathtub Lit”, short stories which are just short enough for bath time to be fun. Victoria also loves a good secret, anonymity and all the naughty things we hideaway – that’s how her imaginary friend became her alter ego and how Victoria Catherine the author was born. Victoria debuted her first book, ONE: Sex & Lies, in July 2015. ONE is about a woman with a childhood dream but finds out that sex (really, really, good sex) might be her biggest distraction. Also check out Two: Dirty Laundry & #MilkTheHoney, both available on Amazon.com

In real life, Victoria is a wife and mother with one cat, two turtles, 3 birds and one fish living in Fort Wayne, IN. When she’s not working away at her day job, she binges Netflix, reads many other genres to her heart’s content, and preaches the gospel of Womanism to all who will listen. Oh and follow her Instagram, she’s also a bomb ass cook.