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Crazy – The New C Word

I recently posted on Facebook about the word Crazy. People can be crazy at times but there seems to be a permanent brander that labels women as crazy from birth. How about we stop it. I’m not saying we should put women on some clean Lucite pedestal and dismiss their actions but, know what the word means and use it properly. If you cheat on a woman and she throws a plate at your head, that is called angry, not crazy. If we cry and weep over being dismissed over and over and over again, that’s not crazy, it’s frustration. We are so much more than ovary shedding birth canals whom men can discard after our vaginas no longer hug them tight at night like their mothers bosoms. Stop it.

Real quick: Stop calling women crazy. Stop using that word to dismiss a woman’s feelings. Stop silencing a woman’s pain, hurt, rage, sadness, monthly hormonal change to a dismissive small throwaway word like crazy.
Yes, us woman can do some messed up, off the wall things but don’t lump it all into crazy. We can be at times…just like you. But the word is being tossed around anytime a woman shows any emotion; any strong thought. Don’t be too fragile to listen to her. Don’t be so ignorant to toss her issues to the side because you just can’t think to her depth at that moment.
Don’t you hate it when you point out injustices and someone dismisses it? They say you’re just pulling a race card. Yeah, it’s frustrating and the C word is frustrating for us too.
Stop gas lighting women, treating them horribly and when they react call them crazy.
We get mad like all other species. Our emotions are not simply crazy. Next time, ask what is wrong, really listen, and stifle the knee jerk reaction to dismiss her and call her crazy.


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