My Cast of Characters

I cheat a little when it comes to building my characters. I know, I should be more descriptive and allow the reader to develop their own idea. Trust me, you guys can imagine them however you wish, but in my head I always start with a base. Normally I start with a celebrity and mold them into my character. I do this when I read others books as well; make a movie cast in my head and will get entirely butthurt when the producers don’t use my choices (Yo! Fifty Shades execs…I’m still mad).

Natalie Parker and Eric Marks are my babies; building their look and essence wasn’t as easy as I thought. I knew I wanted Natalie to be a voluptuous, natural-haired, sexually free Black woman; immediately I thought of singer/actress/all around sexual awakener Jill Scott. She seems to balance sexiness and vulnerability so well, it had to be Jilly from Philly.

Eric was harder. Originally I had Eric Dane for this spot but he was too perfect; his nickname on Grey’s Anatomy is McSteamy for Christ sake. I went with Bobby Cannavale a.k.a. funky spunk from Sex and the City b.k.a. Vince from Will & Grace. Bobby is hot but in a calloused hands sort of way. Bobby seems like a guy that can make you laugh, wear a mean suit, and bend you over a couch in 2.5 seconds and not be smug about it. He has a fine as fuck blue collar meets white collar way about him. He had to be Eric.

Two: Dirty Laundry has a few new characters as well and I can’t wait for you to meet them. I’m fleshing out some of their smaller nuisances out as we speak. I keep thinking of the new characters as transfer students to a new school. I have to make sure all my children get along and mesh well.

As always, thank you for stopping by and sticking with me 🙂

Check out the cast of One: Sex & Lies and Two Dirty: Laundry down below!

Natalie Parker


Eric Marks
Eric Marks


Gwen Thompson
Gwen Thompson – Natalie’s Best Friend


Beverly Parker - Natalie's Mother
Beverly Parker – Natalie’s Mother


Natalie's Father
Emanuel Parker – Natalie’s Father


Natalie's Client & Friend
Sharon Dane-Cooper – Natalie’s Client & Friend


Sharon's Husband
Neal Cooper – Sharon’s Husband
Coming Through to Two: Dirty Laundry
Mrs. Miyazaki
Naomi Miyazaki


Gabriel Luis Javier Arroyo
Gabriel Luis Javier Arroyo


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